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410 D.A.R.C (Dirt.All-terrain.Race.Chassis)



Congratulations on your purchase of this excellent conversion for the DEX410! 


Thank you very much and we wish you every success.


Kit Contents

You should have received the following components in this box:

Chassis plate (military grey)

Front chassis mounting blocks x2

Rear chassis mounting blocks x2

Front brass battery posts x2

Rear brass battery posts x2

Pure carbon fibre battery straps x2

Pure carbon fibre chassis sides x2

Clutch adaptor

12x M3x8CSK screws

4x M3x8 button head screws

6x M3x20CSK screws

1x M3 clutch adaptor screw (marked on head with white) 

Body shell

Sticker sheet   



Please note that the chassis comes test fit pre-assembled for your convenience but please follow these assembly instructions.  The hardware provided with this kit enables it to be fitted to an existing DEX410.


Step 1: Remove each screw and then replace using threadlock where required (i.e into chassis mounting blocks).


Step 2: Fit the chassis to the front and rear ends of your existing DEX410 using your Durango hardware (rear brace is held by rear brass battery posts.  The two loose (in sealer bag) M3x20CSK screws can be used to attach optional Durango side weights).


Some tightness in fitting the rear end to the chassis may be experienced.  If this is experienced first attach the rear brace to the mounting blocks then the very rear wishbone antisquat block.  Next tighten the screws into the bulkheads.  Lastly attach the rear front antisquat block and the long screws that go through the rear bulkheads and rear brace with the M3 nuts on the top.  When all screws are pulled up tight all the components will seat nicely.  The rear of the 410 D.A.R.C car is designed to be quite taut to optimise the full length chassis flex feature.

Step 3: Fit motor plate/clutch assembly by rotating it 180 degrees and install into D.A.R.C chassis.  (Note: When using the plastic rear centre clutch mount part number TD340019, the screw holding it to the motor plate will need to be countersunk or let in simply by using a body reamer.  Also remove the plastic lug that sticks out where the battery strap body clip was located.  Also remove material on rear gearbox holder hoop that held on the DEX410 battery strap as this will foul your lipo’s). 

Remove clutch and unscrew rear outdrive then place on the D.A.R.C clutch adaptor onto the rear of the layshaft then re-fit outdrive onto the adaptor and secure with threadlocked clutch adaptor screw (marked with white) and re-fit clutch back in its holders with adaptor facing the rear of the car.

Step 4: Remove front and rear diffs and turn upside down (button heads up) and re-fit to car.  

Step 5: Body shell: Please note that the body shell has a clear anti-scratch fitted and you may notice some areas of wrinkling on the anti-scratch.  The trim lines for cutting out the shell are on the front and the rear (including front body post hole and aerial markings).  There are no trim marks on the sides to allow you to raise or lower shell to accommodate your radio gear.  Trim off the excess level with the bottom of the chassis.  It would be advisable to bend clutch assembly wire pin up to 90 degrees to stop it rubbing on the body shell window. 


Happy winning!

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