410Darc Info and Spec

The 410Darc is a new exciting competition race chassis conversion for the Team durango Dex410

Features :

Convert your existing dex410 easily to the 410darc.
Comprising of an ultra slim 6061-T6 air-craft grade aluminium chassis.

Using Centrally mounted Motor and Radio equipment for optimised and improved weight distribution.
Unique Forward and rear mounted saddles makes for a very well centrally balanced car ( forward to back, left to right).

A true lipo chassis, designed with only todays modern lipo's in mind ( not heavy Ni-cad cells )
The +11 spec longer chassis increases stability and makes for more consistent easier faster driving.
Set up your car from a level playing field. Near 50/50 weight disribution (un weighted)
Larger usable radio gear space.
Chassis flex point s can be adjusted by using different combinations of screws in carbon side rails.
TD's weight kit can still be used
Only the highest quality materials used through out.

The chassis driving characteristics:

Better performance in all conditions and situations
has a very noticeable locked in rear end for increased cornering stability and speed.( no wagging )
Staggering confident faster corner entry speed.
Amazing control in the air.
Huge amounts of forward drive.( Leaps out of corners ).
Ton of steering still available.

We have also found the chassis still very nimble on the tight slower corners due to the amount of brushless power availiable nowadays and how our longer chassis tames that power.

Very easy to setup and work on.

Kit contents :


Every component required to convert included.

6061 t6 aluminium chassis ( anodised Military Grey and the magic measurement +11mm longer).
Precision cnc machined side mounting blocks ( 7075 aluminium anodised black).
Cnc machined clutch adapter that fits all Dex410s not just the V3 ( note 2way slipper will not fit ).
Carbon fibre sides ( pure carbon twill , no glass ).
Carbon fibre battery straps ( our carbon fibre weave is the same as the TD's so as to match your other parts).
Brass battery posts that compliment the gold durango shock shafts you already have on your dex410
Agressive yet smooth aerodynamic Body shell ( inspired by the original 2005 hand built durango's).
Black, All M3 hardware needed to convert a 410 ( nothing else required).
Chrome, Black and White pre cut high quality decal sheet.
Instructions sheet ( English only).

Kit Contents ( though all are sent out pre-assembled and checked )

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Designed and manufactured exclusivley in the UK

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